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P R O D U C T    D E T A I L S

Reward yourself with some much-deserved me-time with the Teaposy Blossoming Tea Variety Pack blossoming herbal teas, and experience watching the teas blossom as you enjoy their unique flavors. Every Teaposy is made from the highest quality Silver Needle White Tea, harvested in the spring from the Fujian Province of China. Hand-sewn with the largest flowers, the flowering teas are naturally infused with the scent and flavor of freshly harvested jasmine. The Blossoming Tea Variety pack includes an assortment of 4 blossoming teas, each made with different combinations of beautiful flowers such as rose, lily, calendula, amaranth and jasmine.  Each Teaposy blossoming tea is high in antioxidants, providing great health benefits along with delicious, aromatic tea.  Each Teaposy can brew 50oz of tea. When you are finished using your Teaposy for tea, it can be placed in cold water for up to 5 days and used as a table top display.

Teaposy Quartet (4 teaposy blossoms)

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