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P R O D U C T    D E T A I L S

This rare, 1995, green (aka uncooked or sheng) puerh tea from Yunnan is aging perfectly and is phenomenal to drink right now, or to age further. The infused cup of tea has a very clear, bright, green, slightly sweet flavor, with just a hint of a toasty note. While the infusion is light in color, there is tons of flavor in the cup. Good for multiple infusions. This is a fabulous green puerh tea, that will just get better as it ages.approx. 8 hearts per ounce.

Green Pu-erh, 1995


*Dark Tea, also referred to as Hei Cha (黑茶), is a variety of post-fermented tea produced in China. Post-fermentation is a tea production style in which the tea leaves undergo a microbial fermentation process after they are dried and rolled. One of the most famous types of Dark Tea is Pu-erh produced in Yunnan Province

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